Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17 Update

Well there is some good news, I suppose, which is that we put in a piece of equipment that took away the interference we were getting--the wavy lines. But the bad news is that it would appear that the birds will not nest this year. I am working on another osprey cam on a nest where the birds are nesting. If we are lucky we may get that online next week.

Osprey around the coast of Maine are on nest, and if the birds do not nest within the next week or so then I think it is fair to say that they will not nest this year. I think this is a great site for this cam and we owe a huge thanks to the Taste of Maine Restaurant and hopefully the birds will nest next year!

Wing Goodale
BioDiversity Research Institute


Anonymous said...

Has the cam been removed or stopped? Couldn't get on this morning. It's too bad that they probably won't be nesting. We certainly are not having very good luck this year. I guess with all the traumatic events from last year and the long harsh winter we endured this year, it has put everything off schedule. Hopefully next year will bring more productive results for all our favorite feathered friends.

keyboardqueen said...

5/19/08 at 5pm Michigan time

Is there a problem with the live feed from the osprey cam? I can get the still pics, but when I click on the watch live button, i get the new window, but nothing happens. I can hit the play button and nothing happens. I guess I will have to be content with the still pics for now. If I am doing something wrong that I cannot get the live feed, any suggestions would be helpful indeed.

Anonymous said...

5/29 5:20 am

Tuned in this morning just to check and there was an Osprey on the nest, standing, looking around. From 5:08 til 5:13, then it flew off but came back at 5:16 for another minute. I don't know if anyone else has been seeing them and I am not looking for egg laying but it was nice to see the nest hasn't been forgotten.
The position of this camera to the nest is THE best angle of all of them(the finch is great as well), what a shame there was no nest this year. Hoping for next year.

J in S.P.ME

Anonymous said...

5/29 6:52

One is there again; sunrise so bright it's tough to make out for sure but this bird looks like it might have that necklace of brown....maybe a female?
Osprey flew off after only a minute.
I feel like a faithful watcher or I should say checker of the cam and this is the 1st time in quite awhile I've seen a bird. Nice

J in S.P.ME

Sparkplug said...

I commute by the osprey cam 5 days a week, and in the past week have just started noticing osprey on this nest, as well as several others in the Bath area. This morning there was a lone osprey on the nest around 9:45 am. I hope they do nest this year!

Sparkplug said...

When I was driving by the nest at 9:50 this morning, there was a single bird sitting on the nest. Now, at 10:49 am, looking at the live feed, both birds are there! There is much activity on the other osprey nests in the area too. All four that I pass on my way to work were occupied this morning!

Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

I can't seem to locate the 2009 Osprey Cam Blog, but I was watching yesterday and didn't see any eggs. Today, April 27th, I believe I saw one egg. It looked like it was white with brown splotches. Could that be their first egg for this clutch? Again, this is April 2009.

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