Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cam Now Live


This my first post on our new osprey cam blog. The camera is located at the Taste of Maine Restaurant in Woolwich, Maine. If you are passing by on route one stop by and see the birds on a 42 inch plasma TV, have a bite to eat, and see the nest in person. This cam has no sound (we hope add sound next year), but the nest can been watched at night. At the moment there is a little interference in the image which we hope to fix in the next day or so.

Kids in the Nest generously provided us with the equipment for this camera. A huge thank you to them!

Last year the birds nested and hatched out one chick. Unfortunately the females was injured last year and taken with her chick to Chewonki to be rehabilitated. They were both successfully released. This year both the male and female are back and have been seen regularly at the nest site. Although the disruption last year can lead birds to take a year off or cause a mate switch, there still is a very good opportunity for the birds to nest.

Please comment on if you see the birds.

Wing Goodale
BioDiversity Research Institute


Bald Eaglecam said...

A note about the equipment. This is a fixed camera that we cannot control so unfortunately we cannot zoom in or out or change the viewing angle.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Looks very nice - Hey, there's someone on the nest now - 10:22..standing on the frame top left...could very well be Osprey talons!

Congratulations BRI.

J in S.P. ME

Ward said...

Thanks for the information, Wing. Now that we know it's a fixed camera, we won't keep asking for different views ;)!

One osprey still on the branch from the time of my previous post on the eaglecam blog. Second one just flew in, still seems very agitated!

Keep up the great work, BRI!


Anonymous said...

5/8 10:42
So it must be an Osprey cause it was joined by a second!walking around the bowl of the nest...

Wing the nest I watch has a female with that 'necklace' of brown on her chest; do you know if this female has any tell-tale markings?

I was blown away by the new blog so excited I forgot I was warming up my cereal(Grapenuts) milk and it was foaming beautifully when I finally remembered....cleaned the pan, heated new milk, ate, and now I'm headed to the store to buy more milk! Looks like the Osprey have headed out as well....10:51

Anonymous said...

5/8 12:20pm Eastern

Congratulations Wing and all at BRI, you have been busy! Thank you to 'Kids in the Nest' also!

Thanks for the updates and I'm looking forward to seeing the Osprey in action!

Sue in MD

Anonymous said...

05/08 @ 19:11

Trying to figure out why my two previous comments were not posted.

This morning I mentioned an osprey landing several times for a very short stay with wings extended sometimes and what looked like difficulty walking. Hopefully, someone can explain this behavior.


seasonseatingsfarm said...

Thanks for the blog! This will help feed my eagle cam addiction.

Spiky Sandy said...

It's nice to put a face with a name, Wing. I can't wait to see the osprey. I've been watching them on cams in CT, SC, MD, as well as watching the falcon cams from all over North America.

Happy Hatching!
Sandy in Pinellas Park, FL via Stratford, CT

Ward said...

Hello All:

Both osprey on the nest at 9 a.m.
Very nice to see activity in the nest. Keeping our fingers crossed!!

JAM in IL: I think I know why some blogs post and others don't. If you preview your comment first, it opens up at the bottom of the list, then you hit "publish" and it returns you to the previous page. I think you must hit "publish" again and you will see the yellow bar at the top saying your comment has been submitted. I've done that a couple of times before I realized the problem. Live and learn.

Enjoy your day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

5/9 10:07a.m.
Tuning in to find both Osprey on the nest one facing the camera eating and the other sitting on the piece of framing. Very cool!

Wing....can you do anything with color or contrast? Are clouds passing by when I see color changes? Just wondering.

Thanks so much - this is great, I really hope they nest - to be able to see chicks this close up will be awesome! Watching with binoculars brings me close but sitting on the edge of the nest watching quietly is a gift. Thanks.
I'll keep you at the forefront when I become 'stimulated' by the feds:) I promise.

J in S.P.ME

Sparkplug said...

I drive to Wiscasset from Brunswick every day for work, and have been curious about this nest for a while. I have noted osprey in the nest in the median of Rt. 1 outside of Bath, and in the one on the tower near Montsweag Road, but haven't seen an osprey in the Taste of Maine nest yet. I had assumed they might not be nesting there this year. Glad to hear it might be otherwise!

I didn't see this on camera, but as I was driving by this morning around 9:50, I saw a single osprey perched next to the nest.

lyn in gorham said...

zgqjnhFri, 5-9-08, 2:50 pm

Just tuning in to check out things and a bird landed with a fish, not an osprey but a bald eagle.!!! At first I could not see the head, but the dark brown, large and long body didn't look like an osprey, then I could see the solid white head almost to the beak.

NOTE TO WING: The camera is much too close to see the top of any bird which lands on the side of the nest further away from the camera as the eagle did.

Anonymous said...

May 9th 5:45 PM EDT

The osprey has visited the nest several times, just looking around and flying away after less than a minute. Often it flies up and it is hard to tell if it is protecting the nest from another osprey.

The more I watch the behavior the more I think there is some battling over the nest. This is one of the few times it would be good to be able to zoom out.

7:42 I just saw an instance where if definitely looked like and osprey landed and then was chased of by another osprey. It would be great if someone from the Taste of Maine would join the blog and let us know what is going on from their viewpoint out of the window. There food is great and so is the view.

Anonymous said...

Both at the nest this morning for a bit. Cam is a little too close to see them fully while on the post or side but will be a nice view when they have their chicks.
Pretty windy this morning. Flying in and out a lot.

Anonymous said...

Saturday May 10, 715 am
looked to be a male osprey on the nest, defending it! flew off and on several times.

Anonymous said...

Checked in at 7:15 this morning to see the Osprey defending the nest w/ the lifting off motions, then returning to the nest. I see this a lot at the SMCC nest as there are a few other nests in the area and so there are some battles now & then with so many birds around. I've even seen an Osprey try to land with food in the SMCC nest and be chased out by the resident Osprey sending it packing to it's own nest further along the bay; what a funny thing to living in a development where all the houses look alike.....whoops sorry...wrong door!

Personally I like the camera position - nice to have something a little different - and when there are eggs there we'll have beautiful views of the parent incubating AND then the chicks as they poke their heads out from under mom's wing!

The Osprey can be very like a Bald Eagle as it does have a large deep brown body and white head. Look for brown stripping tho on the head and that cool little crest-like thang they wear so well.

J in S.P.ME

Anonymous said...

The osprey pair that WAS nesting on Rt 201 in Fairfield has abandoned that nest. There has been no one home for days. I actually think they may have been driven from the nest because the first day I didn't see an osprey at the nest was the same day I saw a different bird of prey sitting on the nest's edge. It was blackish with a reddish breast and looked to be about the same size as the osprey. A hawk? or falcon? Anyway, I never saw that bird again and the osprey have moved, hopefully to a different nest. It will be nice to follow the pair online since I won't get my real-life daily fix anymore. :-(
Cathy in Central Maine

Anonymous said...

I have had the still picture on most of the day and haven't seen any sight of an osprey I do wonder if it is refreshing. I tried it on live and it didn't seem to be moving any. It seemed as though there should have been some movement with as much wind as there is today

keyboardqueen said...

5/13/08 at 1:38..Michigan time

Why does it seem like the osprey nest and/or cam is not blowing around like the eagle cam shows? Is it because it is in town? How far from the eagle cam is this osprey cam? The eagle cam shows high wind and lots of waves on the ocean and lots of blowing around of the camera tree and the nest tree.

Wing, you do great work. My son's
5th grade science class has the eagle cam on every morning. They love it. They will go crazy when I send them the link for the osprey cam. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

On the osprey cam I looked & maybe i'm wrong but all I see is sticks & grass growing , is that what its suppose to be. thanks .. nete

keyboardqueen said...

5/20 @ 8:05 Michigan time

I still can't get the osprey cam live feed. The still pics feature works. I can get the live feed from the loons and the eagle cams, just not the osprey cam.

That being said, will there be any osprey's in the nest this year? I saw them last week or so and then haven't seen any since. Of course, that could change if I could get the live feed working.

The rest of the cams are great. I especially like the finch one. Keep up the good work BRI and Wing.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the baby osprey that hatched?